Documentation for Version


All of the documentation we have found refers to the SAMLController. We have a project we inherited that uses version and it apparently does not reference this object. It looks like it is included in the latest version. So, a few quick questions:

1. Is there something I am missing?
2. Is there anyplace I can get that documentation for this particular version?
3. It looks as though you added it back in the latest version. Are there any breaking changes between those to versions?
4. Will the license for the client’s current version work for the latest?

This is something we need to resolve ASAP. So any help would be appreciated.

  1. We refactored the SAMLConfiguration class and moved some of the properties to a new SAMLController class.
    2. The Developer Guide PDF and Reference Guide CHM that come with the version of the product you have are specific to that version. These forums generally refer to the latest version.
    3. Generally we maintain backward compatibility. Sometimes, as in this case, we don’t as we believe the benefits of a cleaner API outweigh backward compatibility. All differences between the versions are related to the SAMLConfiguration and SAMLController classes.
    4. If you have a current subscription license, you are licensed for the latest version. Otherwise, you have the option of upgrading. Please contact us for more details.

    If it’s easier, you’re welcome to email us and we can go through the specifics.