Creating assertion file without ADFS

We're in the process to setup the SSO with our new client through SAML 2.0. They have provided us their assertion file and asking us to send the link to make relying party. We did read your documentation and assuming any link where we're consuming their assertion file would need to be shared with them.

Secondly they are asking us to provide the meta data file which in my opinion is assertion file now the question is we don't have ASDF and how can we build the assertion file without using ADFS. Just so that you know we have purchased license of your library.

Shawn Aslam

Hi Shawn
Did they send you an example assertion file or is it the identity provider’s SAML metadata?
I’m not sure what they mean by the link. They definitely will need your assertion consumer service URL but usually the identity provider will need more information than that from you. Perhaps they’re after your SAML metadata?
ADFS is not required for generating SAML metadata.
There are a couple of options for generating SAML metadata.
You can use the ExportMetadata project we include to generate SAML metadata from your saml.config file.
Alternatively, we also include example and template metadata files in the Examples\Metadata\Templates folder. The template files include to-do instructions for editing them for your environment (eg changing the entity ID, URLs etc).
You’re welcome to email us if you’d prefer including more specific information (eg metadata you’ve received) and we can assist with any questions you have about SAML metadata consumption and generation.