Configuration option for NameIDPolicy's SPNameQualifier attribute?

I noticed that the SPNameQualifier attributes, from the NameIDPolicy seems to be supported by ComponentSpace SAML, for Authentication requests… However, I am unable to figure out how to configure this value. On the same note, I cannot seem to get the NameQualifier attribute for NameID to work for Authentication Responses.

Is this something that I can configure? I see there is a ISsoOptions class that has support for this, but is there a way to configure this via the saml json configurations? Or would I have to make the SSO calls manually in order to set this value?

Can you point me in the right direction in this regard?

The SPNameQualifier isn’t available through configuration.

The ISamlServiceProvider.InitiateSsoAsync overload that takes an ISsoOptions allows you to specify the SPNameQualifier.

Similarly, if acting as the IdP, the ISamlIdentityProvider.ReceiveSsoAsync returns the SPNameQualifier in the IIdpSsoResult.SsoOptions.