Change SubjectConfirmationData Recipient in High Level

Is there an easy way to change the recipient attribute of the SubjectConfirmationData element in the high level API?

EDIT: It turns out I also need to change the Destination. We are using the high level API, and the SP is requesting these changes to help with troubleshooting the SSO on their end.

By default we set the SubjectConfirmationData and Destination to the configured assertion consumer service URL for the partner service provider. However, there are overloads of SAMLIdentityProvider.InitiateSSO and SAMLIdentityProvider.SendSSO that take an assertionConsumerServiceUrl parameter. If you specify this parameter then this overrides the configured assertion consumer service URL and will appear as the SubjectConfirmationData and Destination.
If the version of the product you have doesn’t include these overloads please email us for information on upgrading.