Can we have a relative SAML AssertionConsumerService URL ?

Hi Team,

We had recently purchased the ComponentSpace SAML for ASP.Net Core and configured the SSO for two identity providers (Okta and ADFS).

The following is my Local Service Provider configuration:

“LocalServiceProviderConfiguration”: {
“Name”: “ComponentSpace”,
“Description”: “”,
“AssertionConsumerServiceUrl”: "<a href=“",">”,
“SingleLogoutServiceUrl”: "<a href=“",">”,
“LocalCertificates”: [
“FileName”: “Certificates\sp.pfx”,
“Password”: “password”

While configuring the Identity Provider, I had to use the same “AssertionConsumerServiceUrl” value in the Okta and ADFS to establish the trust relationship.

Is it possible to have a relative URL for the AssertionConsumerServiceUrl instead of the full absolute URL ? For ex: ~/Saml/AssertionConsumerService


Hi Bhargav
Yes, this is supported but not with the tilde character.
You can specify “/Saml/AssertionConsumerService” and we will convert this into an absolute URL.