Assigning SPs different session timeouts

I have what I hope is a very basic question. Our organization is implementing SSO, via ADFS/SAML.
Are we able to create a SSO configuration in which each SP gets its own session timeout?
We would like a SSO experience in which users remain logged-in for 6 months in their main dashboard (which offers personalized info but nothing confidential), while linking to other systems that have critical transactional features, and those systems should require re-authentication every 30 minutes.
So far we have not found a solution, which would mean users get logged off of all systems by the lowest-common-denominator timeout of 30 minutes.
If there is a way to assign each SP its own session timeout, can you give me a primer on that which I can forward to our sys admins?
Thank you!

Authentication sessions are managed by the applications and are not directly related to the SAML specification or SAML SSO.
SP and IdP applications will maintain their own authentication sessions with their own session timeouts etc. These are all independent of each other.
The other systems you mentioned should be able to maintain their own individual and independent authentication sessions. Each of these could have a 30 minute timeout if required although there’s nothing to say these couldn’t all be different.