Assertion Consumer Service page redirects back to IDP

New to your product, still working on trial, but like what I see and the order has gone in.

I am having one problem that is probably related to my lack of understanding.

In an ASP.NET web pages environment, acting as a service provider, the SAML sign in request appears to be going out correctly, the IDP (Azure) logs in fine, and we are then redirected back to the specified SnippetAssertionConsumerService.aspx’ page in our application.
My problem is that it immediately redirects back to the ID. The page doesn’t have code to do so.

We use custom session management code, so the site (probably) is just configured for basic authentication.

I am hoping that the reason is obvious to you and you can give me a hint. :slight_smile:


Hi Neil
Please ensure that there are no access restrictions on the assertion consumer service page. In other words, users don’t need to be authenticated to access this page.
Let me know if there’s still an issue.

Turned out to be some of our custom security code. I had to whitelist the page.

Many thanks.


Thanks Neil for the update.