Any way to dynamically pick a saml.config file while using the high level API?

We will be using a different saml.config for our test environment than for our live production environment, and it would be really nice if I could just create my own web.config value that indicates the name of the saml.config file and then I could tell the componentspace code what the name of that saml.config file is. If I can do that, then our build servers can just transform my web.config and our deploys to different environments will be thoughtless and simple.

It is possible to explicitly load the SAML configuration explicitly using SAMLConfiguration.Load and specifying the name of the SAML configuration file.
However, I like your suggestion and this is something I think we should support.
Could you please email so we can discuss this requirement and a plan for getting it into the product?

Thanks. Being able to explicitly load your own config file meets my needs perfectly. I went ahead and emailed information about the scenarios we are trying to facilitate with some ideas that may make that easier in the future. That looks like it is working great.