ADFS SSO - Unable to implement in VB.Net

Hi Guys,

We are facing issues in implementing ADFS SSO functionality through ComponentSpace.

Below are the details for the same:

As per ComponentSpace guideline, “High Level API” highly recommended. So, we have started following “ExampleServiceProvider” project provided under “High Level API” solution.
(Ref. Link:- )
We have successfully implemented the example in C# but didn’t get any success for the same in VB.Net.

Please provide sample example in VB.Net so that we can use it as a reference.

Looking forward to your valuable response on this.<o:p></o:p>

I’m afraid we don’t have a VB.NET version of the ExampleServiceProvider.
What sort of issues are you having with the VB.NET version?
Do you need assistance with the syntax etc or are you seeing runtime issues?