ADFS integration with 2 IDP login


Currently we are exploring Component Space Single Sign on and going through all the sample given in the document.
We have a scenario in ADFS integration like this
1. User will browse https://ExampleServiceProvider (SP).
2. ADFS login page will open and credentials will be entered.
3. After ADFS login it should provide one more login page i.e. https://ExampleIdentityProvider.
4. After successful login SP default page should open.

Please let us know is that feasible? if yes how we can proceed?


Section 10.4 of our Developer Guide PDF describes how to configure a relying party and claims provider in ADFS.
However, I’m not sure how you get ADFS to authenticate the user (ie present its login page etc) as well as at the claims provider.
I suggest askingon a Microsoft ADFS forum how you achieve this double login.
If it is possible, please let us know through the forum for anyone else who might have this requirement.
If it isn’t possible, the claims provider (ie external IdP application) could authenticate the user against AD, in a similar manner to what ADFS does, as well as perform any additional authentication as required.