ADFS as IdP - unable to get SAMLResponse

We are facing as issue related to AssertionConsumerServiceUrl in ServiceProvider (unable to get SAMLResponse), though it is working on one of the ADFS server. Currently we are using ComponentSpace trial version for SSO SAML login functionality in our application as the purchase of the licensed version is in progress.

We have configured the AD FS relying party trust on one of the AD FS server and are using ComponentSpace for SSO and it is working fine. But we have got one more new AD FS server and configured the same and also used the same SP certificate for the same application but we are unable to get SAMLResponse to AssertionConsumerServiceUrl method as mentioned on the replying Party trust End Point. I have captured the log but not able to trace the error. Please find the attached log file.

Actual Behavior- After successful SSO login, it is not redirecting to the application and again it is showing the same login page.
Expected Behavior – After successful SSO login, user should redirect to access/view the application.

Could you please guide me on this as it is blocker for me to proceed.

NOTE- The is a MVC application.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

It’s most likely a configuration mismatch.
Have you double checked the configuration on the ADFS server in question?
To see the error details, please take a look at the Windows event log on the ADFS server.
ADFS will write one or more error event log entries.
If you’re not sure what these means, please email the details to us.
Also include screenshots of the relying party property tabs.
Please enable SAML trace and include the generated log file as an email attachment.