Accessing SingleSignOnserviceurl of the identity provider programatically

Hi, I want to access the SingelSignOn/SingleSignOut Service urls of the identity provider at the service provider programatically from the saml configuration file. does your api expose that or should I be writing some custom code to search the saml config xml file to dig that data out?


Once the saml.config file is loaded, all the configuration information is available programmatically.
Access the configuration through the SAMLConfiguration.Current property. Use the exposed SAMLConfiguration properties to access the configuration as required.
For example, SAMLConfiguration.Current.PartnerIdentityProviderConfigurations returns a dictionary of PartnerIdentityProviderConfiguration objects keyed by name.
The PartnerIdentityProviderConfiguration.SingleSignOnServiceUrl and PartnerIdentityProviderConfiguration.SingleLogoutServiceUrl may be used to access the configuration items you mentioned.

Thank you.