Accessing API for a site that authenticates with SSO

Hello - We have implemented SSO using the ComponentSpace SAML DLL for a third party site ( where our site acts as the Identity Provider. The Jive site acts as a “community” where our 1.5 M members can go to discuss topics related to our business. Authentication takes place on our site using our normal login process and authenticates to the Jive site with SAML messaging.

Now we have been asked by an internal customer to access APIs provided by Jive, the third party site, to retrieve data about our user’s profile on Jive so that we can synchronize and update user profiles.

I am having difficulty conceptualizing what I need to do to authenticate programmatically so that I can make the API call and get the data. I need to authenticate prior to the API call, and I have to do that with SSO. The program will run on our server, so I can authenticate locally, but how do I pass that authentication on to the Jive Site with SAML?
Thanks for any help you can give.

I’m not familiar with the Jive API. How do you have to authenticate to use the API? You’ll have a user session established to Jive through the SSO process. Is there an authentication cookie etc from the SSO session that you need to include when making the API calls?